the poetreiaist



Plant flames in once-rivers /

wreckage is art -

Plastic armadas

& burnt tapestries 

suspended between tallied I’s

etched into the air

before the moon -

Usurper / pretender

a kilned masterpiece

singularly owed to

the blisters

of the squinted chisel grip

and gardener’s blisters

Lol too late. It’s mars. 


mercury mars or venus?

By Eric Soffer
October 13, 2014

By Eric Soffer

October 13, 2014

Me and lagunitas is the best combination 

Oct 8

The fortune cookie read:

"A sweet surprise awaits you"

I ate the cookie

It was sweet.

Oct 8

Gym poem


I’m not from here
I forgot how to fly
So I walked
Looks like everyone took a jet
That’s cool man
I just drove.
They say it beats boxcar
But not by much
I walked
Because you walked baby
So I went where you tread
Where you led-
I followed

Oct 6
By Eric Soffer
October 6, 2014

By Eric Soffer

October 6, 2014

Oct 6

Am I me yet?

- poet (via purplemonkeysexgod69)

Oct 5

People always think I’m a knight because all of my jewelry is made of adamantine, but I’m just dope as fuck

- Kanye West